Connecting You to Nature

Founded in 1967, SCCF's mission is to protect and care for Southwest Florida's coastal ecosystems through our focus on Water Quality Research, Policy and Advocacy, Sea Turtles and Shorebirds, Native Landscaping, Habitat and Wildlife Management, and Environmental Education.

Thanks to the efforts of many who came before us, we are the largest private landowner on Sanibel Island, managing more than 1,200 acres on Sanibel plus more than 600 additional acres on surrounding islands. 

Over the last 53 years, SCCF's diverse program areas have grown to include the Native Landscapes & Garden CenterWildlife & Habitat ManagementSea TurtleShorebird Research and Monitoring, Environmental Policy, a Marine Laboratory, and the Sanibel Sea School

We have more than eight miles of nature trails at preserves throughout the island and also welcome the public to visit our garden center at the Bailey Homestead Preserve to shop for native plants, local honey, SCCF T-shirts, and enjoy the historic, sprawling property with various demonstration gardens of native landscaping. Our Sanibel Sea School is also open to the public and has a retail shop with a wide array of beach gear. Take a virtual tour of our facilities and trails to learn more about our organization.

As part of the Marine Lab’s work, real-time water quality data is available online through the SCCF RECON (River, Estuary & Coastal Observing Network) sensors. 

You can keep up with SCCF's work by signing up for our email lists that include a weekly Caloosahatchee & Estuary Condition Report, a bi-weekly Wednesday Update chronicling our work, and Action Alerts on policy issues. We also produce a podcast called Land. Water. Wildlife. and feature videos of our scientists' research on our YouTube Channel.

Learn about the amazing breadth of research that SCCF has published over the years here

Community support through membership dues and tax-deductible contributions, in addition to grants and staff-generated revenue, makes this work possible. SCCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.