Learn About our Coastal Ecosystem

SCCF has assembled a comprehensive list of research that has been published by staff. It is organized by major category (ex. Shorebirds, Mammals, Sea Turtles, etc.), and then by “Publication” vs. “Books, Reports, & Symposia”. Within each section, the entries are in chronological order descending into the past, and all SCCF staff and affiliate names are in bold. Full abstracts accompany the publications and are a great way to read through the major highlights. If you’re looking to read anything in its entirety, the best way to do so is by pasting the citation (blue text) into Google Scholar, or email info@sccf.org and we’d be happy to send you a digital .pdf. 


Whether you’re interested in the biology of our island’s Diamondback Terrapins, oyster reef restoration efforts, mangroves and their myriad ecosystem services, or want to become more informed about our red tides, there’s something for everyone in this extensive list. 

Keep in mind that this list will continue to grow and be updated over time, so be sure to swing back through regularly in order to stay current on all of the great work coming out of SCCF. 



Click here to download a full list of SCCF Publications.