Taking Action & Resources

We encourage all members of our community to become educated about sharks, and then advocate for them. The first, best step is to become educated, and so we suggest:


What else can you do?

If you are an angler, please take the time to do the following:

Anyone that sees a shark in trouble, or that is being mishandled, should immediately take action:

  • Call the nonemergency Sanibel Police number and report your concern: 239-472-3111
  • Call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and report your concern: 888-404-3922, Ext. 7
  • Document your concern with FWC online
  • Take photos/videos of the situation if you can safely do so, and submit those photos to FWC and to Coastal Watch (coastalwatch@sanibelseaschool.org)
  • Urge the U.S. Senate to pass S. 877 to put an end to the Shark Fin Trade. Click here to learn more and email your senators.

Photo: Michael Timm 


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

  • To take the Shore-based Shark Fishing Course and obtain your Fishing Permit
  • For local regulations, as well as which sharks are harvestable and those that are prohibited

Florida Department of State Laws for Sharks and Rays

  • For official laws and regulations on shark and ray fishing

Florida Program for Shark Research (FPSR)

  • For recent publications and interesting information on sharks from the University of Florida


Know your local shark species and how to identify them:

FWC Sharks, Rays, and Skates

UF Common Sharks of Florida

FWC Shark Species Guide - Dichotomous Key