New "Ladybug" Tractor Honors Mariel Foundation

16 May 2023

A generous $55,000 donation from the Mariel Foundation has allowed SCCF to purchase a new tractor to replace the one that was lost to storm surge from Hurricane Ian.

The Mariel Foundation was established by longtime Sanibel winter residents John H. and Carolyn Talbot Hoagland and their children in memory of Carolyn’s sister, Mariel Alice Talbot. The foundation has been a longtime supporter of SCCF’s general operations, with donations since 2013 made in memory of John and Carolyn.

After the hurricane, the family wanted to do something special beyond its normal contributions. SCCF has officially designated the new equipment the “Ladybug” tractor to honor Mariel Talbot, whose parents often called her “Ladybug.”

As the largest private landowner on Sanibel, SCCF will use the tractor to make sure our preserves’ fire lanes are clear and dead vegetation is removed.

“Five generations of our family have loved the fragile beauty of Sanibel. We care deeply for this special place and wanted to help with the restoration after the horrible destruction of Hurricane Ian,” said the foundation’s board of directors in a statement about their donation. “We’re thrilled to be able to support SCCF in their efforts to restore the island and reestablish wildlife-friendly habitat.”