Be a Community Scientist

Help us build valuable environmental datasets on Sanibel and Captiva by contributing to our various community science projects.


Wildlife Sightings

Since Hurricane Ian, SCCF has asked the public to report sightings of any type of wildlife on Sanibel and Captiva.

You may report more than one species per survey if they were observed at the same time.

Contributing to this survey will help us create a local, long-term dataset that can be analyzed for changes in species composition and community assemblages over time.

Pepper Square

Sea Turtle Sightings

SCCF needs your help to track in-water sightings of healthy sea turtles. The data collected from this community science project helps researchers identify high-use areas, learn more about seasonal habitat shifts, and better understand when and where people are encountering sea turtles.

To report any other issues with sea turtles, please contact SCCF at 978-728-3663 or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 1-888-404-3922.

Macroalgae Survey 1800

Algae Sightings

SCCF wants to know when and where all types of algae sightings occur in our region to monitor conditions around the islands, as well as investigate algae bloom occurrence with patterns in seasonal weather changes and Lake Okeechobee water management practices. Click on and bookmark the link below to report an algal bloom sighting.