Pine Island Sounds

Through a partnership with Captiva Cruises, SCCF launched an island-inspired concert series in 2019. Join us as we sail into the sunset enjoying an on-the-water celebration of eclectic music, island community, and SCCF’s critical research and programs to protect local water quality.

Stay tuned for the 2024-25 lineup!


March 10, 2024 | Jon Stickley Trio

The crowd experienced some deep grooves, sultry-spacy violin, and innovative flatpicking with the Jon Stickley Trio on Sunday, March 10. This genre-defying and cinematic instrumental trio was moving heads, hearts, and feet.

Feb. 11, 2024 | Casey Driessen

A GRAMMY-nominated fiddle player, Casey Driessen wowed our Pine Island Sounds audience in February amid beautiful, 70-plus-degree weather. Combining storytelling with his innovative audio-looping fiddle show, Driessen proved he can push the boundaries of his five-string fiddle, even after a finger injury last year. Dolphins sailed alongside the Lady Chadwick in tandem with his music as the sun set over Pine Island Sound.

Jan. 21, 2024 | The Last Revel

It was a chilly sunset cruise on Sunday, Jan. 21, as The Last Revel got the crowd riled up with their upbeat mix of folk, old-time string-band, and indie rock. This three-piece folk group draws influence from their salt-of-the-earth Midwest ethos. Their honest and heartfelt songwriting blends the genres of folk, old-time string-band, and indie rock to create a sound that echoes the current heartbeat of America.

Nov. 12, 2023: Leon Timbo Duo

Guests enjoyed listening to country-soul singer-songwriter Leon Timbo, whose music is used as a form of growth and healing. Inspired by artists Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Tim Miner, Timbo’s country sound incorporates equal measures of vintage soul, gospel, folk, R&B, and modern blues.

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