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SCCF, Coastal Watch, and Sanibel Sea School held a week-long Earth Day Bioblitz from April 21-27, 2024! Over the course of the week, a total of 135 participants helped us document over 1,200 observations of 562 species of flora and fauna to SCCF's iNaturalist project.

This was our inaugural Earth Day Bioblitz, and we plan to hold it annually!

  • When: April 21-27, 2024
  • Where: Lee County and surrounding areas / iNaturalist
  • What: A community science-driven, week-long event surrounding Earth Day on April 22 that encourages people to get out and observe the species (birds, fish, molluscs, mammals, plants, reptiles, amphibians, fungi) they see in Lee County and submit their photo observations to SCCF's project on iNaturalist.
  • Who: Anyone in Lee County! 
  • How: Participants will submit photos of the plants and wildlife they observe to SCCF's project on SCCF's iNaturalist project. SCCF's username on iNaturalist is sanibelcaptivaconservationfoundation.
  • Required technology: iNaturalist account, smart phone (or camera and desktop)
  • Why: SCCF hopes to inspire people to get out in nature, and to learn about and appreciate Southwest Florida's wonderful biodiversity! By holding this Bioblitz annually, SCCF can eventually observe longitudinal data for trends in species populations.
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Our BINGO card was a fun way for people to participate in the BioBlitz! Those who completed a biodiversity BINGO won a prize from SCCF! Turn in your completed card to SCCF Headquarters between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday by May 3, 2024, and claim your prize. Supplies are limited! BINGO observations must be added to SCCF’s iNaturalist project.

Download the BINGO Card
How to Use iNaturalist

Common Questions

  • What is a BioBlitz?
    A BioBlitz is a focused effort to take inventory of all living things in an area, essentially like a species census. It’s a thrilling adventure where YOU become the scientist!
  • What species are we looking for?
    Everything, we are looking for all the plants, animals, and even fungi we can find! The more data the better. If you observe a plant in a garden, remember to mark the species as “captive/cultivated” when loading your observations.
  • Should I record invasive/exotic species?
    Yes! We want it all. Recording nonnatives will help us map where they are, and develop more productive mitigation strategies.
  • What if I don't know what species it is?
    This is where iNaturalist comes in handy. It will provide suggestions for what species it thinks your observation is based on the media you upload, and even if it's wrong, other account holders can help verify your observation. The iNaturalist platform allows us or another community scientist to post suggestions of what the species may be, which you can "agree" with. This can be continually edited!

Guided BioBlitz Walks

As part of Earth Week, our staff led guided BioBlitz walks on Sanibel! 

  • Monday, April 22: Weeds 'n' Seeds Walk, 8:30 a.m., Johnston Preserve
  • Tuesday, April 23: Wildlife Walk, 9-10 a.m., Johnston Preserve
  • Wednesday, April 24: Bird Walk, 8-9:30 a.m., Gulfside City Park Beach
  • Thursday, April 25: Beach Walk, 2-3:30 p.m., Meet at Sanibel Sea School


Please respect wildlife by keeping your distance, especially with sensitive species including nesting birds. Do not try to bait wildlife with food, and do not chase wildlife — this causes them to expend unnecessary energy. Respect private and conservation lands, and obey park and city rules while observing.

If you find an injured animal, please contact CROW's Wildlife Hospital at 239-472-3644 EXT. 222. For injured or deceased sea turtles, please contact the SCCF Sea Turtle Hotline at 978-728-3663.

Most importantly, have fun!