Shorebird Feature: Black-Necked Stilt

black necked stilt

Each year, black-necked stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) nest in Southwest Florida beginning in March or April.   “These charismatic long-legged shorebirds are a favorite among birders and photographers visiting Sanibel,” said SCCF Shorebird Biologist…

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Meet the Coastal Wildlife Interns

SCCF is thrilled to welcome five summer 2024 interns in the Coastal Wildlife Department, which leads our sea turtle and shorebird monitoring and research. Learn a bit about them below!…

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Paving the Way for Least Tern Nesting

least tern decoys

You may see fake wooden birds along the beach on Sanibel, thanks to a nest-attraction effort underway for state-threatened least terns, a beach-nesting bird species and the smallest tern species…

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Protecting Wildlife During Beach Projects

construction beach monitoring wildlife

Sand trucks are delivering 400,000 tons of sand to five stretches of Sanibel’s beaches for a beach restoration project that began in late December. SCCF is monitoring wildlife during the project, which…

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