SCCF Tours Off-Island Preserves by Boat

On Jan. 24, SCCF leaders ventured out by boat to preserve lands in Cape Coral and various keys in Pine Island Sound to assess restoration needs. They determined that natural…

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Mangrove Pendants Raise $3K for SCCF

After just six weeks of sales, Congress Jewelers has raised $3,000 for SCCF’s Coastal Watch through its custom mangrove pendant that helps benefit the program. “We’re delighted by the response…

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8th Graders Help Restore Mangroves

child and staff member planting mangroves

On May 12, eighth graders from the Sanibel School rolled up their pants and sleeves to help SCCF’s Coastal Watch plant mangroves along Woodring Road, one of Sanibel’s most vulnerable…

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