Savannah Weber

Savannah grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and first developed her passion for marine life while volunteering at her local aquarium in high school. Wanting to be closer to the ocean, she attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with her B.S. in Biology and Marine Science in 2020.

Her interest in sea turtle conservation grew while participating in various internships, which included morning nest surveys in Florida, night tagging surveys in North Carolina, and sea turtle rehabilitation in Texas. In 2021, she began her master’s degree in a sea turtle research lab at Florida State University, where she helped oversee night tagging and in-water capture survey projects. Her thesis focused on using stable isotope analysis to investigate the foraging ecologies of different sea turtle species.

Savannah enjoys contributing her passion for sea turtle conservation and research to SCCF, and sharing her love of nesting turtle fieldwork with interns, volunteers, and the local community.