Matt DePaolis

Matt DePaolis trained as a field biologist working across Florida, the Bahamas and Guyana before pursuing his master’s in marine biology and a Juris Doctorate with a focus on ocean and coastal law from the University of Oregon.  DePaolis first partnered with SCCF while working as the Coastal Policy Analyst Fellow at the University of Florida’s Center for Coastal Solutions (CCS), and leapt at the chance to join the organization as their Environmental Policy director.

As Policy Director, DePaolis brings his combined expertise in environmental law and marine biology to translate SCCF’s cutting edge science into effective policy through advocacy. He leads SCCF’s Environmental Policy team, including Policy and Advocacy Associate Allie Pecenka and Policy Associate Holly Schwartz.

Prior to his role at CCS, DePaolis researched climate litigation and fisheries policy issues for the United Nations. While in Oregon, he served as a legal associate at the Wild Salmon Center, evaluating regulations to protect water quality in streams, and worked as a fellow at the Ocean and Coastal Law Center, recommending solutions to marine plastic pollution.