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County Zoning Section Again Rejects South Seas Application as Insufficient

May 8, 2024
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On April 25, 2024, the County’s Zoning Section again rejected South Seas revised Plan Application dated March 25, 2024 for reasons not unlike its January 18, 2024 rejection of the first South Seas Plan Application dated December 18, 2023.  

In its April 25 letter, the Zoning Section again stated that the application did not provide enough information for the application to be sufficient, and that no public hearing date can be scheduled until a complete application is submitted.

Among the many insufficiencies in the application were the following:

  1. The applicant’s failure to explain how density on the resort is vested when the applicant is seeking to rezone the property. And, if the applicant is seeking to rezone the property, how does its application comply with the requirements of the current Lee Plan?
  2. How does the application comply with Lee Plan Policy 23.2.4 that requires the County to “limit development to that which is in keeping with the historic development pattern on Captiva.” The applicant has not addressed this Policy at all in its application.
  3. The traffic and trip generation estimates do not fairly reflect the development that is being proposed, including the new hotel units and the elimination of employee housing which will generate increased employee commuting and trip generation.  
  4. The applicant provides no letter of potable water availability from Island Water Association.
  5. The applicant provides insufficient justifications for its many requested deviations including, but not limited to, parking, buffers, open space, signage and lighting.
  6. The applicant is not sufficiently specific regarding the heights of its proposed buildings on the property.
  7. The applicant does not explain how the increase of intensity on the commercial tracts will impact the existing residential development.  

County’s Letter of Insufficiency is attached here. 


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