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Adoption Day Success

November 1, 2023
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Thank you to all of our new mangrove mamas and propagule papas who joined us for a heartwarming Adopt-A-Mangrove Adoption Day event last Saturday! The enthusiasm expressed for these precious coastal trees was truly inspiring. Together, we adopted 546 baby mangroves into their loving homes across 19 different zip codes in Southwest Florida.

Click the map to see where our mangroves are being fostered.

If you missed out on our recent Adoption Day or if you’re hearing about this initiative for the first time, fear not! We’re thrilled to announce that our next Adoption Day is just around the corner on December 1st. It’s your chance to become a propagule parent and contribute to the conservation of these vital coastal plants.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll receive a mangrove seedling, pots, and soil, along with all the guidance you need to take care of these precious coastal treasures.
  2. These baby mangroves will grow under your loving care until they reach a certain size, at which point SCCF will kindly ask for them to be returned.
  3. Your mangrove seedlings will be planted at one of SCCF’s many restoration sites, making a direct and positive impact on our beloved coastal ecosystems.

Mangroves are more than just trees; they are the lifeline of our coastal environments. They are a vital source of energy, provide a nursery habitat for juvenile fish, a nesting habitat for wading birds, stabilize shorelines by reducing erosion, provide water quality management, and are a buffer against storm damage.

Our Adopt-A-Mangrove program aims to educate our community about the value of mangroves in Southwest Florida. By inviting residents to “adopt” their very own mangroves, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for these iconic coastal trees.

Join us for our next adoption opportunity on December 1, 2023!


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