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Watch Party Raises $75K for Coastal Watch

October 4, 2023
watch party 2023 aerial

SCCF’s inaugural The Watch Party was a huge success! More than 250 guests attended the Sept. 29 event presented by Bank of the Islands and Bob & Lisa Ann Miller, raising approximately $75,000 for Coastal Watch before the evening concluded.

The funds (raised through ticket sales, sponsorships, and event offerings) will support a new Coastal Watch truck, supplies, and other equipment used in habitat restoration and environmental cleanup.

three people smiling standing outdoors watch party 2023
Vanessa Flynt with Kelly and David Lowden

We Have Wheels for the Watch

four people stand at watch party in front of a truck

Before the night was even halfway over, funds were raised for a much-needed Coastal Watch truck. Jen and Dave Nichols led the way with a $10,000 pledge to fund the engine. Thanks to our other truck donors for buying the rest of the ‘parts,’ including:

  • Todd & Leanne Marcum
  • Richard & Mead Johnson
  • Huxters Market & Deli / Dan & Susan Murphy
  • Laura & Shawn Shaffer
  • John & Liz Simler
  • Wayne & Gail Laufer
  • Frances & Simon Tutt
  • Henry & Annie Nachtsheim
  • Bob & Nancy Brooks
  • Janie Howland & Jack Thomas
  • Shelley & Bill Greggs
  • Barbara Lasky
  • Lori & Jeff Cavanaugh
  • Cathy Lanier / The Health Whisperer
  • Barbara Rogers

Casting Competition, 50/50 Raise Additional Funds

casting competition watch party 2023

The Watch Party’s Casting Competition, presented by Whitney’s Bait & Tackle, was a huge crowd draw, and raised over $1,800.

kealy mcneal valerie tutor mermaid watch party
Coastal Watch Director Kealy McNeal (L) and Sponsor and Island Mermaid Valerie Tutor (R)

A 50/50 drawing raised an additional $1,900+, and the winner (Watch Party Sponsor Laura Korn) promptly donated back her $930 in winnings. 

Watch Party Sponsor and Island Mermaid Valerie Tutor joined the party adorned with the other drawing prize, Congress Jewelers’ gold and diamond mangrove necklace. For additional donations to SCCF, anyone can purchase the custom mangrove pendant at the Congress Jewelers Bell Tower location, or by contacting or 239-472-4177.

“Everyone at SCCF was humbled by the amount of support that came out of our first-ever Watch Party,” said SCCF Coastal Watch Director Kealy McNeal. “Coastal Watch has grown so much over the past year, and having our own dedicated vehicle, plus the extra money raised, is going to be critical for keeping the department’s momentum in restoring our habitats and helping keep our environment pristine.” 

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