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DeSantis Signs State Budget

June 27, 2023
DeSantis Signs State Budget

Florida’s $116.5 billion 2023-24 Budget was signed by Governor DeSantis two weeks prior to the beginning of the state fiscal year, which starts July 1. 

The Good News

The budget includes a record $1.6 billion for the environment, including $356.5 million for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), $850 million for lands within the Florida Wildlife Corridor and $100 million for the Florida Forever land acquisition program

The Bad News

Unfortunately, some of the budget’s environmental gains will be offset by an effort from the fertilizer industry to prevent cities and counties from enacting their own environmental protections. Included in the budget is an appropriation to study seasonal fertilizer bans, while also prohibiting local governments from passing any new fertilizer bans or amending any existing ones after July 1.  This language to limit fertilizer bans was added outside of the normal committee process, preventing any public input. 

“Regulating fertilizer application during the rainy season has been widely studied and proven effective,” said SCCF Environmental Policy Associate Holly Schwartz. “Fertilizer regulation should remain an important tool for local governments to protect water quality.”

DeSantis has also yet to sign two bills SCCF actively led veto campaigns for, including SB 170 – Local Ordinances, which would limit local government’s ability to uphold and pass new ordinances, and HB 1191 – Use of Phosphogypsum which would allow radioactive mining byproducts to be used in road construction. If you have not contacted the governor asking for vetos, please do so below.

Please stay tuned for our comprehensive legislative wrap-up, which will include the final outcome of all of the bills we’ve followed this year.


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