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Sanibel School Students take Final Field Trip

June 21, 2021
The Sanibel School’s 4th graders joined SCCF Educator Richard Finkel on a sensory awareness exploration along SCCF’s Pick Preserve nature trail. SCCF’s Pick Preserve, located directly across the street from The Sanibel School, is an ideal setting to incorporate environmental science into teachers’ curriculum goals.
During this scavenger-hunt type activity, students were challenged to find things that don’t readily stand out to a casual observer, which led to a discussion of camouflage, observation skills, and why some things in nature are easily seen while others might remain obscure. This lesson inspired students to create poems from sights, sounds, and thoughts.
Treetops, grasses, ponds
Shady, tall, green, mossy, brown
Alligators, cranes, frogs, rabbits, snakes
Gumbo limbos, palms, sea grapes, cattails
Gentle rain
Wet marshes
Calming and peaceful
By Hazel Decosta, 4th grade
Wetlands, woods, uplands
Wet, damp, wild, giant, massive
Owls, coyotes, bears, bees, snakes
Pines, oaks, palms, ferns, cypress
Warm and wet
Smooth wetlands
Damp and wild
By Simon Allison, 4th grade


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