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Shorebird Team Protects Nests over Holiday Weekend

June 8, 2021
SCCF staff and volunteers spent the busy holiday weekend watching over beach-nesting birds. Some nesting enclosures were expanded to provide an additional safety buffer.
There were large crowds of people, though no violations were observed, and the islands’ four snowy plover (Charadrius nivosus) nests survived the weekend.
Other shorebird updates:
The 2020 Sanibel snowy plover fledgling “White/Black,” pictured above, spent the winter on Outback Key near Fort DeSoto then returned to Sanibel for several weeks. It seemed as though he had found a mate and might nest, when he suddenly appeared on Outback Key again on May 23. 
“We were even more surprised when he arrived back on Sanibel the following day,” said Shorebird Biologist Audrey Albrecht. “Since then, he has been seen at Bowman’s Beach, the East End of Sanibel, and Fort Myers Beach.” 
The 2020 Sanibel snowy plover fledgling “Blue/Black” spent the winter on Caladesi Island and returned to Sanibel last month. 
“Like White/Black, we thought he might try to nest here,” Albrecht said. On May 19, he was observed by state park staff back on Caledesi Island. “However, on May 27, Blue/Black surprised us all and was found hanging out alone at Bowman’s Beach. “
The Wilson’s plover (Charadrius wilsonia) nest hatched last week on the West End of Sanibel. Look closely at this photo to see the chicks.
If you see a shorebird nest that has not yet been roped off, please contact the SCCF Shorebird staff right away via
Photo by Shorebird Intern Aaron White


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