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Shorebird Team Observing 3 Snowy Plover Nests

May 18, 2021
SCCF staff and volunteers are currently monitoring three snowy plover (Charadrius nivosus) nests on the East End of Sanibel. After losing nests to wash-over and depredation, two of the pairs recently re-nested.
In addition to monitoring on Sanibel, SCCF staff assist Florida Shorebird Alliance partners by surveying nesting sites off Sanibel, including North Captiva, Bunche Beach, and Fort Myers Beach. Snowy plovers tend to move around, and birds that were banded here often nest at those sites.
Late last month, a snowy plover nest hatched at Bunche Beach. Look closely at the image above to see the chicks.
SCCF will continue to work with partners including J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Lee County Parks, and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation to ensure these nests and broods are protected.
Banded Snowy Plover Returns
A banded snowy plover, which SCCF calls “White/Black,” returned to Sanibel after spending the winter north of Lee County. Until two weeks ago, it appeared that he had found a mate and was prepared to nest on Outback Key near Fort Desoto. Surprisingly, he returned to Sanibel last Friday.
White/Black was a 2020 fledgling from the East End of Sanibel, and SCCF shorebird monitors are anxious to see where he decides to nest!


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