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Six Eaglets Fledge During Bald Eagle Nesting Season

April 27, 2021
Since the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nesting season began in September, SCCF staff and dedicated volunteers monitored 11 nest structures that yielded six eaglets on Sanibel, Captiva, and North Captiva.
The nesting season for bald eagles in Florida ends May 15, but it appears our local eagle population has already wrapped it up.
On Sanibel, five out of seven nests monitored had nesting attempts—two successfully fledged two eaglets (for a total of four), though the three others failed. On North Captiva, a monitored nest successfully produced a fledgling.
On Captiva, two of three monitored nests showed active attempts—one succeeded in producing a fledgling, which was successfully treated at Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) after falling from its nest. Two eaglets in the other nest died, and one sent to CROW tested positive for rodenticide (rat poison).
SCCF encourages these alternatives so poison doesn’t get in the food web and kill animals that feed on rats and mice such as eagles, barn owls, hawks, and bobcats.
  • Rodent-proof your home, attic, and garage by sealing entry points.
  • Encourage rodent predators by landscaping for wildlife and posting owl boxes.
  • Ask your pest control professional about physical trapping.
  • Keep overhanging branches from roof lines.
  • Keep trash secure.
SCCF wishes to thank the 12 volunteers who help monitor these nests and report their findings to us and to the Audubon Florida’s Eagle Watch program. Questions concerning the bald eagles on our islands can be directed to
Photos by Cheri Hollis


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