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Multi-Organization Effort Leads to Successful Capture and Release of Reddish Egret

April 14, 2017

SCCF has once again teamed up with the Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) to capture a juvenile white morph reddish egret at Blind Pass. This individual was previously captured on September 7th to remove a small amount of monofilament from its foot. On that day the bird was banded and released. SCCF’s shorebird biologist continued to check on the bird while conducting routine surveys, and on September 26th noticed monofilament hanging from the left wing. The bird was amazingly still able to fly despite its entanglement. On Sunday October 2nd, researcher Amanda Powell from ARCI and SCCF’s Audrey Albrecht were able to successfully capture the bird again.

Upon capture, they discovered there was more than just line hiding under the wing and the bird was taken to CROW (Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife). Once at CROW the hooks and line were successfully removed and the laceration sutured. After a week of rehabilitation the bird was ready for release. SCCF staff released the bird on Monday October 10.

This bird’s story serves as a reminder of the danger that monofilament poses to all types of coastal wildlife. Monofilament can be recycled, and should be disposed of properly in the collection bins located near beach accesses and boat ramps. If you accidentally hook a bird while fishing, please reel it in and release instead of cutting the line! This bird is also an example of an individual who has lost its fear of humans and habitually begs for bait fish.  Please do not feed wildlife.

SCCF is grateful to the assistance from ARCI and CROW in the successful capture, rehabilitation, and release of this reddish egret.

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