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James Evans


Cheryl Giattini

Development Director

Wendy Cerdan

CFO & Director of Operations

Barbara Linstrom

Communications Director

Matt DePaolis

Environmental Policy Director

Jeff Siwicke

Facilities & Events Manager

Eric Milbrandt, Ph.D.

Marine Laboratory Director

Denise Blough

Communications & Marketing Manager

Rick Bartleson, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Christina Gould

Operations Manager

Mark Thompson

Research Associate

Mary Lisek

Grants & Financial Coordinator

A.J. Martignette

Laboratory Manager

Chris Lechowicz

Wildlife & Habitat Management Program Director

Holly Schwartz

Policy Associate

Jenny Evans

Adult Education Director

Becca Grotrian

Native Landscapes & Garden Center Manager

Muffet Hayes

Part-Time Garden Center Assistant

Sue Ramos

Customer Relations

Emily Harrington


Trevor Frank

Physical Plant Coordinator

Dustin Lucas

Field Technician

Kelly Sloan

Coastal Wildlife Director/Sea Turtle Program Coordinator

Kealy Pfau

Coastal Watch Director

Mike Mills

Wildlife Biologist

Aaron White

Shorebird Technician

Audrey Albrecht

Shorebird Biologist

Brianna Frank

Development Coordinator

Jack Brzoza


Isabella McDonnell

Marine Lab Research Assistant

Shannon Rivard

Youth Education Director

Annie Clinton

Marine Science Educator

Savannah Weber

Sea Turtle Biologist

Austin Wise

Marine Science Educator

Kaitlin Alzapiedi

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Craig Rumpf

Client Services Coordinator

Izzy Lutz

Marine Science Educator

Allie Pecenka

Policy & Advocacy Associate

Sophie Carpenter

Native Landscapes & Garden Center Assistant