The SCCF exhibit area houses several aquaria focusing on the herpetofauna of the islands - snakes and turtles.

An interlocking maze of four miles of trails allows visitors to choose a short stroll or a longer walk through the quiet heart of the island, paralleling low lying wetlands and the Sanibel Slough. Indoors, an interactive exhibit, maps, and videos describe the challenges of maintaining benchmarks in water quality.

Freshwater turtles and our resident Eastern Indigo Snake, though captive-bred, represent endemic species found in Southwest Florida, and act as ambassadors for keystone species in the environment. 

The open space  of the Nature Center has several hands-on items made specifically for younger children, such as a life size model of a manatee. 

Educational programs and guided tour schedules are available here.

The Nature Center is located at 3333 Sanibel-Captiva Road on Sanibel, near mile marker 1 (about one mile west of Tarpon Bay Road).  For information call, 239-472-2329.


Please note, we no longer have a butterfly house at the Nature Center; however, our Native Landscapes & Garden Center hosts myriad native butterflies.