Eden Oak

18 Mar 2020

After the Hearing Examiner granted the Eden Oak applicant a second extension to submit their upland/wetland legal description by Feb. 28, the County staff then requested an extension of time to verify this information and update their maps.

The staff anticipates this will be complete by March 13 at which time they will submit a third status report to the Hearing Examiner.

On March 13, the Hearing Examiner set June 24 to resume the rebuttal/closing of the presentations by the applicant and staff at 9am.

Please click here for the 2/10/20 County memo to the Hearing Examiner.

The current proposal is to dredge and fill 36 acres of mangrove wetlands to build 55 residential homesites with docks, excavate a new canal and create a boat basin with additional docks. Our advocacy has made a difference.  However the current plan still destroys 36 acres of mangrove wetlands, will put more people in the coastal high hazard area, creates new sources of pollution from runoff, will create boat traffic in sensitive habitat used by a number of threatened and endangered species, and adds traffic to the evacuation and emergency access on Shell Pointe Blvd. 

The original application for development targeted 158 acres of mangrove wetland and open water to build 252 multi-family units, 54 single-family units, and a 171-slip marina with a clubhouse and community pool. In addition to mangrove habitat destruction and water quality impacts from runoff, the project will impact a number of protected species that live in or utilize the area, including the Florida manatee, Smalltooth sawfish, and the ornate diamondback terrapin. SCCF will continue to track this project through the permit review process. The project is currently under zoning review by Lee County.

The applicant has requested their South Florida Water Management District Application be put on hold for a year.

Please contact our Policy Director, Rae Ann Wessel at rawessel@sccf.org with further questions.