Raise A Racquet For Conservation with SCCF

08:00 am-05:00 pm Sundial Resort

On April 7 and 8, raise a racquet for conservation at the 26th Annual SCCF Tennis and Pickleball Tournament at the Sundial Beach Resort and Spa.  There will be two days of tennis and one day of pickleball with all proceeds going to support SCCF's  conservation efforts.  Lunch from Bailey's will be served both days plus glass awards by Lucas Century. There will also be a drawing for a Lucas Century glass bowl.  Sundial Beach Resort and Spa is a new major sponsor as well as the tournament host site.  The addition of pickleball allows a greater number of islanders to raise their racquets for conservation to support SCCF.  


Sign up and payment for tennis will be through the Sundial Beach Resort and Spa website through the tennis and pickleball program.

Sign up and payment for pickleball can be completed through this link.